StoneDeck is a premium quality natural stone tile with a composite backing designed for strength, safety, durability and easy install.

StoneDeck combines premium quality natural slates, granites and quartzite with a high strength composite backing to create a patented system which comes together to build a beautiful one of a kind deck.  StoneDeck can be easily installed on rooftops or framed joists that are 16 inches on center.  The StoneDeck system features a unique fastening matrix that connects to the deck frame while interlocking all structural panels in place.  This method requires no mortar or grout.  The high strength panels and interlocking components form a complete structure that will support 4,000 pounds per square foot and is at the same time flexible.

StoneDeck Natural Stones

StoneDeck stones are premium quality imported stones that are all natural and not manufactured.

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StoneDeck is currently available in two slates: gray and multi-color; four granites: tan, sand, china black, pearl white; and a quartzite. Lighter colors will be cooler if your deck is in direct sunlight. As with any natural product, slight color variations are to be expected. Color samples are available upon request.  Visit the StoneDeck gallery.

StoneDeck Gallery  

  StoneDeck Installation

StoneDeck can be easily installed on rooftops or framed joists that are 16 inches on center.  StoneDeck can be installed by carpenters, deck or dock builders, and landscape contractors. A handy homeowner can also install the system. Read more about StoneDeck installation.

StoneDeck Installation  

  StoneDeck Rooftop

StoneDeck is extremely popular on rooftops of homes and commercial buildings.  It can turn an unsightly rooftop into a beautiful living space. Read more about StoneDeck rooftop.

Porcelain Rooftop Deck Tiles

Contact us about our 2'x2' (4 s.f.) porcelain rooftop deck tiles! Specifications coming soon!

StoneDeck Rooftop  

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StoneDeck is based out of Woodbury, Minnesota and we pride ourselves with customer service.  If you have any questions about StoneDeck products review the StoneDeck frequently asked questions.  If you need more information or you need guidance with installation please use our contact form.

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